Innovating Wholesome Delights: Unleashing Sri Lankan Goodness Worldwide

Product Development

Today’s consumer is increasingly looking for healthy, tasty and easy-to-use food products. Recognising this and leveraging our vast experience of over 160 years, we invest heavily in researching current and upcoming consumer trends, and developing new food products championing the best of Sri Lankan goodness. 

Recently our main focus has been in the organic, vegan food space - having developed unique products such as vegan flavoured coconut spreads, coconut chips coated in various natural flavours, ready-to-eat jackfruit (an increasingly popular meat alternative) in flavours such as BBQ and Thai curries. 

We also work closely with our global customer base to develop and manufacture food products for the end consumer as well as ingredients used in various confectionery, snacks and grocery products, baby foods, smoothies, plant-based meat alternatives and more.